10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings on Google for Free

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings on Google for Free!

It may come as a surprise but there are actually 100% Free ways to increase your websites search engine rankings on Google. Now if you’re here and hoping for some magical secret that will make you #1 on Google, then you are in the wrong place. However, implementing any or all of these tips and tricks will help land your business in the top search results on Google for your respective category of business.

So let us begin.

How to Ranking Higher in Google for Free
Free SEO Tips for Google

10) Index Your Website on Bing and Yahoo – Believe it or not, Indexing your website on Bing and Yahoo is another great way to increase search rankings on Google. You can convenient do so by Clicking Here. Bing is also advertising $100 Free in Ad-Credits.

9) Index Your Website with Google – Yes, you might think this is common sense but there are a lot of businesses and even web masters who do not or forget to index websites with Google. This is vital to being found quickly on Google Search Results. You can submit your website to Google by Clicking Here.

8) E-mail Lists – Yes, Creating and Maintaining an e-mail list is one of the best ways to increase SEO. You might be wondering how on Earth could an e-mail list increase SEO!? Well, the more page views, the more engagement and the more time users spend with and on your website ACTUALLY INCREASES YOUR RANKINGS! Having an e-mail list is one of the easiest ways to recieve routine visitors to your website and help keep your rankings boosted.

7) Running a Blog – Running a Blog is one of the best ways to increase page views, new users and potential leads to your website. It allows your business to continually post relevant content around your niche market and this is something Google eats up. Blogs are actually seeing huge SEO Boosts with relevant articles being posted around current trending topics. This is also a great way to create posts for marketing campaigns.

6) Facebook Page – Maintaining social media pages for your business is important for Public Relations and Brand Image. Social Media is the forefront way that Consumers engage with businesses. They leave positive and negative reviews, they read and post comments and much more.

5) Factual Information – Lets face it, in today’s society the internet is rampant with articles that are painted with narratives and contain little to no Facts. If your website contains actual facts and statics (and links to the cited sources) this is something Google Loves! There is a reason why websites like Wikipedia rank so high in Google Searches and this is one of those main reasons.

4) Google Maps – Google Maps is an extremely useful tool for Ranking on Page 1 of Google! You can easily get your business on Page One of Google just by having it listed in Google Maps! This is completely free and this is exactly what you need to do if you wish to start receiving Google Reviews for your business. This is an extremely great way to gain high ranking on Google for your websites niche market. It is also useful for gaining reviews and insight into your customers thoughts about your company.

3) Relevant Information – We have made it to the top 3 tips and tricks for ranking high on Google. I think all 10 of these tips are vital to your websites rankings but the top 3 are of the most importance! Google loves relevant content, we know Google isn’t stupid so if your website is talking about Taxi Cabs, it’s not going to rank in Google for people who search for Cakes. It might sound crazy but if your website does not have enough relevant content, then you will not rank as high as your competitors.

2) Original Photos – Having photos on your website is great but if the entirety of your media consist of place holder images or photos gathered from Google Search. Then best believe Googles Crawling Bots will know and this will harm your websites search rankings. That is why it is important to post Original Photos.

1) Original Content – Posting original content that cannot be found anywhere else online is one of if not the best way to increase your search rankings. Google has put in place many algorithms to prevent people who just copy and paste other websites content and articles into their own.