Destin works with some of the finest businessmen and women in the marketplace. You can find a few of the businesses that I have and currently work with, featured bellow. Being featured on means these businesses have met a trust and safety standard level that supersedes that of other local businesses and all of these companies have been personally vetted by me and have my stamp of approval.

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Contact me if you are interested in having your businesses featured on my website or you need a professional business consultant. I do it all from brand creation, brand recognition, website building, hosting and development. Hire a professional: I am a Google Adwords Certified Professional and a Bing Accredited Partner and I am currently helping numerous business grow year over year.

Destin is a Professional Business Consultant. You can find me on popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Please consider contacting me via these social media pages prior to e-mailing me. My main goal is to help turn your businesses marketing and advertising endeavors into profit dollars.

I am a very busy person and I currently receive:

70 % email from fans

25 % email from haters

and 15 % from my math teachers

If you are interested in Destin’s services please make your e-mails contain any relevant information as to why you are contacting and what you are looking for, Thank You!